Centerstone’s Integrated Therapeutic Foster Care Program works from an Evidence Based Practice Model and provides an array of services including Therapeutic Foster Care and Adoption Services for children and families.

We place a high priority on focusing on the total well-being of the child rather than just addressing behavioral or mental health issues. Our Foster Homes help to guide children and families in making healthy decisions in all areas, not just in the area of behavior. This integrated health-care emphasis sets us apart as a leader in “whole-child” care. Centerstone is proud to offer this service and fully believes in the whole-child approach to foster care.

When families are in trouble, Centerstone is here to help. We work with children and adolescents with a history of emotional and behavioral disorders. We know that parenting children and teens with these disorders can seem overwhelming. Our caring, experienced staff (with over 300 years of collective work experience with children, youth and families) will help your family to restore a safe and healthy home environment. Centerstone works with your family to create a treatment plan that will get you back on track.

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