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For over 50 years, Centerstone has responded to the behavioral healthcare needs of individuals and families, regardless of age or the severity of challenges. Our broad range of professional services is designed to ensure that sensitive, individualized care is available to everyone seeking help.

Our Mission: Centerstone delivers care that changes people’s lives.

  • Serving more than 100,000 children, adolescents, adults, seniors and their families annually
  • More than 150 facilities and outreach in over 150 schools and community partnership locations throughout Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee
  • Accredited by CARF International
    In 2010, our Child and Youth Residential Treatment Services received an exemplary commendation from CARF International.
  • On the forefront in research and technology

3-teens-outsideIn 2008, Centerstone affiliated with Indiana-based Center for Behavioral Health and Quinco Behavioral Health Systems to create the largest provider of community-based behavioral health services in the nation. With facilities throughout Florida, Illinois, Indiana and Tennessee, over 100,000 children, adolescents, adults, seniors and their families receive treatment for mental health and substance abuse issues at Centerstone each year.

Through cutting-edge research being conducted by the Centerstone Research Institute, we are working to improve outcomes for the clients in our care and for the delivery of behavioral healthcare across the world. Constantly motivated by our motto, “everyone matters,” this powerful principle inspires us to offer a wide spectrum of services. The belief that everyone matters is not only a heartfelt message to the people we serve, but also a message of thanks to those who give their time, talents, and gifts to help us meet our vision. Hundreds of skilled professionals (3,100 employees), tireless volunteers, and generous donors make a critical difference in Centerstone’s ability to fulfill its mission. Their dedicated efforts are the foundation of our success.

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