How are we doing?

Keeping Kids Healthy (Wellness)

All children in Centerstone’s Therapeutic Foster Care Program are seen at least twice a year by a pediatrician and a dentist. Any medical or dental needs that arise while they are in care are addressed as soon as possible. Being in Foster Care means that their physical as well as their emotional needs are taken care of.


Keeping Kids Safe (Free from Abuse)
Many of the children in our care have been victims of some form of abuse, whether it be physical, sexual or emotional. All of the foster familiy members, as well as our Centerstone staff, are thoroughly screened through background checks and fingerprinting. They also receive ongoing training in the areas of working with children and famlies who have experienced any kind of trauma. The goal is that no child will experience any kind of abuse while in our program. As you can see from the chart below, this goal is consistently met.

Getting Kids “Home” (Permanence)
The goal for every child in our Therapeutic Foster Homes is to get them to permanence as soon as they are able. Biological family reunification is our first goal but in the event that that cannot happen, we help identify adoptive homes for children. If the child is nearing adulthood and prefers not to be adopted, we help them transition to independent living.