Foster Parenting Myths

mythsMisconceptions about Foster Parenting abound.
If undisputed, these misconceptions could keep those considering the idea of fostering from taking the next step.  Let’s look at the truth vs the myths. Fostering is a demanding and rewarding task. When armed with the facts, you can be a force for change in the lives of children and families.

Myth #1 “Children in Care are babies and toddlers.”

Myth Busted: MOST of the children and youth who are in foster care range in age from 12 to 18 years. Occasionally, children as young as one year come into foster care. When these children do come into the program, they are most often in sibling groups. Children of all ages are in need of loving homes.

Myth #2 “Teenagers are more difficult to parent.”

Myth Busted: Teenagers aren’t perfect, but who is? Teenagers desire someone who can provide a stable environment and who truly cares about their well-being and future. They need someone like you to be a positive role model.

Myth #3 “I will be left on my own.”

Myth Busted: Financial help is only a part of the support received. Centerstone is committed to support both the foster parents and the child. Support is available 24-hours through case management and therapy services for both the child and foster family, in order to have a successful placement. We are here to help.

Myth #4 “These children are damaged and cannot be helped.”

Myth Busted: While most children and youth in care have experienced trauma and do have emotional issues to work through, they can and do learn to trust. Very often the loving environment provided in a foster home begins the road to healing from the pain of the past. No one is beyond hope.

Myth #5  “I will get too attached and will have my heart broken.”

Myth Busted: Love for and attachment to the children in your home does occur! As a foster parent, you will have the ability to provide a positive influence and make a life-time of difference for the child and the birth family. Your heart will grow with love for each child that you open your home to.

Now that you know the truths about foster care, Centerstone is ready to help you get started!  Contact us today for answers and encouragement.

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