Foster Parent Forms

DEAR FAMILIES: Below you will find all of the necessary forms for your monthly documentation. If you have any problems using these forms, please contact Julie Clark.

Please Note: Centerstone forms are available in Word or Adobe format. The Word documents can be typed on and saved with your information. The Adobe Acrobat files are “fillable forms” and CAN be typed on if you so choose however they can NOT be saved.  You can print them after you type the information and it will print what you recorded OR you can print blank copies and write the information by hand. The DCS documents from their website (Med Log and Med Services Form) change from time to time so we put up direct links tothose forms.


adobeMonthly Billing Invoice [Family Cover Sheet]

One per household. This form is to include information on ALL children in your home for the month. This serves as your billing invoice and replaces the monthly calendars.

Individual Notes - WordadobeIndividual Child Daily Notes

Do one of these for EACH CHILD in your home. This form is to be used as an ongiong narrative describing the daily activities of each child in your home. Activities need to be recorded daily if possible and should refer to goals of their treatment plan.

wordadobe Verification Sheet

Do one of these for EACH CHILD in your home.This form verifies that a child received their allowance and clothing allotment , participated in a fire drill, and documents if and when they saw their DCS worker during the past month. Children must sign / initial the form showing that they were given allowance and clothing money.

Please note: The med log and the Medical Services Report are DCS forms



Your coordinator understands that knowing when you will be reimbursed is very important and we take that very seriously.

Because Foster Parents are not “employees” of Centerstone but are rather “contracted vendors”, your reimbursement checks are not a part of the “payroll” system and are therefore not able to set on fixed dates each month. 

We do, however, guarantee that Foster Parents will be reimbursed no later than the 15th of each month, provided that your paperwork is turned in WITHIN THE FIRST FULL WEEK OF EACH MONTH.

IMPORTANT: As a general rule, parents need to plan to have their monthly paperwork packets in by the FIRST FRIDAY of each month and absolutely no later than the FIRST THURSDAY of the first full week of each month. (See dates below for specifics).

Foster Care Services provided by families will result in payment only after ALL of the monthly documentation has been turned in and reviewed. Once your paperwork is turned in, you can expect reimbursement no later than the pay dates on the chart below.


2018 Foster Parent Reimbursement Dates


Paperwork Due Dates / Pay Dates (2018)


DUE: Friday Apr 6 / PAYDATE: Thursday Apr 12

DUE: Friday May 4 / PAYDATE: Thursday May 10

DUE: Monday June 4 / PAYDATE: Thursday June 7

DUE: Friday July 6  / PAYDATE: Thursday June 12

DUE: Friday Aug 3 / PAYDATE: Thursday Aug 9

DUE: Friday Sept 7 / PAYDATE: Thursday Sept 13

DUE: Friday Oct 5 / PAYDATE: Thursday Oct 11

DUE: Friday Nov 2 / PAYDATE: Thursday Nov 8

DUE: Friday Dec 7 / PAYDATE: Thursday Dec 13