Post Approval Class Registration Links

This page is for Centerstone Foster Care Coordinators ONLY.



  1. ALWAYS (ALWAYS!) when filling out the form, include the following information:
    a) Put “CENTERSTONE” in the text box in front of the parent’s first name.
    b) Fill out the last box on the form (it asks for RPS info) with YOUR information (CENTERSTONE FOSTER CARE COORDINATOR, YOUR NAME, YOUR PHONE NUMBER. (This is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE because it will keep the trainers from inadvertently billing DCS for training Centerstone parents.) **If Johanna’s team inadvertently bills DCS for one of our families, we will no longer be able to utilize their services.
  2. ONLY Foster Care Coordinators are to use the links below register parents.
  3. When registering parents, there is no need to register BOTH parents separately. (You will be able to include BOTH parents on one registration form.)
  4. Re-Read #1 and make sure you follow those instructions! 🙂


West Grand Region Phone: 731.431.5790

Middle Grand Region Phone: 615.393.0633

East Grand Region Phone: 423.635.2296

Assistant Director Phone: 423-805-0913