When children can’t be reunified with their families, they often have a permanent goal of adoption. When this is the case, Centerstone steps in and helps to facilitate the adoption process by locating an adoptive family. Our adoptions manager helps families navigate the legal process and prepares all parties for the emotional and legal changes that they will face.


Our Adoption Program Manager helps children in our program who are in full guardianship of the State of Tennessee achieve permanency through adoption, if the child so wishes. We work with the child, in conjunction with the DCS case manager to achieve this goal. It is usually in the child’s best interest for their Centerstone foster parent to adopt the child because the child has usually formed an attachment with them. When this isn’t possible, the Adoption Manager will help create an Individualized Recruitment Plan for the child so that the best possible family is identified for the child. If the child wishes, she/he is a full partner in this process, which is in accordance with our guiding principles.

In addition to facilitating the adoption of children in our foster care program, we also offer ICPC  supervision services for families placed with children from other states. In accordance with ICPC (the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children) all 50 states require a supervision period of no less than six months after a child is initially placed in an adoptive home. When a child from another state is privately placed in a family in our service region, that family may contract supervision services through Centerstone by contacting:



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